You are hereThe future starts today...

The future starts today... our slogan since our start-up in 1998.

According to this slogan we try to use the newest, but also safest technology for the control tasks in your systems.

Our Core-know-how is...

  • 1.Software-development for Bernecker & Rainer- and Siemens-plc´s

  • 2.Planning and/or to build switching lockers for all kind of machinery.

  • 3.Online teleservice- and telemetric applications.

  • We stay your partner from planning over realization up to support and service of your systems.

    A lot of machines have already been built and are still supported and serviced by us.

    We make it easy to fullfill all requirements of your customer and give you and him transparent information.

    To increase the reaction time in case of faults we use SMS and email-services direct to the named service-technicians.

    Complete documentation for you and your customer can also be achieved through our teleservice- and telemetric applications.

    Capabilities of online-analysis via UMTS-connection are possible worldwide and available/affordable almost everywhere!